Back in 1986 a major accident in the nuclear power plant of Chernobyl (Ukraine) disrupted the life of thousands of people living in that area. Nearby villages and Pripiyat, had to be abandoned within hours. Thousands died by the explosion of the core and from enormous nuclear radiation that spread across huge areas. Those that survived had to leave most of their belongings and their homes behind. Their hopes to return some day in the future never realized. While the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is still a place of construction, trying to attempt to master the remains of this disaster, Pripiyat has become a lost place where objects of civilization decay and nature re-conquers the entire space.
Now, in 2016 - 30 years after the horrible event, I have been able to visit the "ground zero" and the ghost city of Pripiyat. I was overwhelmed by the impressive atmosphere and touching views of what once was a vivid environment. Empty houses and apartments, destroyed public buildings, places and streets that now are in the middle of a jungle. Most moving for me actually were those artifacts that tell from innocent children - toys, playgrounds and schools. 

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